5th Annual #StayHungry
Purple Tailgate Hosted By
Adam Jones RAISES $100K+

Stadium Square Purple Tailgate Lot
Monday November 27, 2017!


Read below for a message from BMORE Around Town:

We here at BMORE Around Town cannot put into words what the feelings we have about Monday night are.  We want to thank each and everyone of you who personally had a hand in contributing to this wonderful event that RAISED $101,010.10for the Boys and Girls Club of Metropolitan Baltimore.  Give yourself kudos for being a part of this.  To put it into perspective, with all of the negativity not just going on in Baltimore, but throughout the world, we all came together on Monday night, in the parking lot before a football game, and raised $100,000!!!!!   Baltimore has a lot of special people who love the place we call home, and it showed on Monday night.  

There are some special thank you’s that we would like to pass along.  In addition to these thank you's, here is a special message from Adam Jones himself thanking all of you CLICK HERE

1. First and Foremost I have to thank Adam and Audie Jones, without their commitment to this event, we would of never came close to this. Adam is truly a special person and the city of Baltimore is privileged to have such an amazing supportive person of this city. 

2.  Patrick Thomas (PT), without your dedication, this event wouldn’t be anywhere near where it is. We grew up in the same area and went to the same high school, and to say we raised $100k together for charity is an accomplishment is an understatement. Like we say every year, how the hell do we top that. We will figure it out for 2018! 

3. My head chiefs, Chris Caldwell and Mike King, as many of you have attended events throughout the past few years have seen, these guys are the rock!  I cannot forget that also all of the BMORE Around Town staff that helped Monday. Thank you all! You all ran one hell of a ship.

4. LOCASH, these guys continue to amaze me not only with their talent, but their generosity. It is a true honor to call these guys friends. I am excited to continue to watch them grow into the stars they are. They may live in Nashville, but they do love them some Baltimore!  We at BMORE Around Town ask you to support these guys and their music, whether it is downloading their album (New One Being Released Soon), requesting their songs on the radio, or going to see their shows (1/19/18 at The Fillmore in Silver Spring)

5. Sponsors, below is the list of the of sponsors, we couldn’t have been done it without all of your support. I hope we always exceed your expectations. In addition to the sponsors, a special thanks to my wife Megan and her family foundation for making a special donation on my behalf. I think that was the 1st domino to fall in building the final number so large.  Another special thanks to David Wilson and Preston Automotive Group, these guys pledged an additional $10,000 on top of their sponsorship at the event that pushed us over $100,000!  

6. Food Vendors, WOW! That food was amazing last night. Everyone that attended I hope you support these local restaurants throughout the season. All of the supporting cast is below.  I will be the 1st to tell you that the food this year was beyond out of this world.

7. Attendees, you all should pat yourself on the back. It was an honor to see all of you there last night supporting us. I wish I had more time to talk to each and everyone of you more, and please don’t think I was trying to avoid you. I love each and everyone of you and enjoy the times we all get to spend together. You all raised $100k!!!! 

8. Our MC’s and Special guests, Year 5 included Michael J (WPOC), Rob Long (105.7), Trey Mancini, Vonte Leach, LJ Hoes, Nick Markakis, Richie Bancells, Roch Kubatko, Steve Johnson, and the GOV! WOW!!! Larry freaking Hogan! That man is amazing. Thank you all for being there to support us. 

9. Our boys Skies in Chaos & DJ Crome

10. The team at LGC Sports Marketing and helping man the silent auction. That’s a feat with in itself. 

If we missed anyone we truly apologize. Thank each and everyone of you for this support. Like Jonesy always says, this is Baltimore helping Baltimore!

Our list of  2017 Food Sponsors so far is below and we will be announcing menu items in the coming weeks!  We assure you, this year will top all years in the past:

  • Abbey Burger Bistro-Mini Burger Sliders with Gourmet Toppings
  • Frick N' Tex BBQ
  • Dough Boy Fresh Inc.
  • The Food Market
  • Nobles Bar and Grill
  • Mother Shuckers
  • La Food Marketa
  • The Charles
  • Blue Agave
  • Sysco Baltimore
  • The Outpost
  • Southern Provisions
  • Dogwatch Tavern-Spicey Crab Deviled Eggs & Cream of Crab Soup
  • Dangerously Delicious Pies


  • Reginald F Lewis Foundation
  • Miller Value Partners
  • MileOne Auto Group
  • Constellation Energy
  • Preston Automotive
  • Royale Jewelers
  • Century 21 Downtown-Gina Gargeu
  • Wheels Up
  • SwagDog Apparel 
  • Flagger Force
  • Hyatt Regency
  • Sysco Baltimore
  • Jim Beam Saturi
  • Bud Light Baltimore
  • Rachel Mossman Graphic Design
  • Hanover House LLC
  • Caves Valley Partners
  • An Extraordinaire Limousine

We hope to see all of you again at the 6ht Annual in 2018!   We will need all of the support possible to top $100k!!!!