BGCMB Making A Difference & Gearing Up For Their Annual Fundraiser!

On Thursday April 27th, Abc2 News visited The Boys and Girls Club which is thriving in Baltimore – changing the lives of young people – helping them grow up to be responsible adults.  The club came back into the area in 2007 after the supply for programs reserved for children were overwhelmed by the demand.  At the Brooklyn O’Malley Rec Center in South Baltimore, the city agreed to grant the club the use of the building – a building the city could no longer keep up.  As a result, children in the community now have a safe place to go after school.  “Our kids just need someone to be there for them, someone to care for them and support them. We show them that we care for them, that they are a priority,” says club president Kenneth Darden.  You don’t have to look hard to find the impact of the club in the community.  Since the program opened, sixth-grader Kenneth Bonner has seen his reading score soar.  Likewise, children don’t have to look far to find positive role models.  On Thursday, April 11, the second annual Be Great Gala will be held to benefit the Boys and Girls Club. Among honorees will be Ladarius Webb of the Ravens and Nick Markakis of the Orioles. 


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