BMore Love

BMore Love Project!

The staff at Peppermill Projects, a boutique branding and design firm in Annapolis, wanted to bring help and healing to our neighbors in Baltimore. They decided that the best way they could make a difference is to do what they do best: create. They believe that through art, they can help bridge political and social boundaries and begin the healing process for the citizens of Baltimore.

On Tuesday, April 28th, they launched to bring love, peace and respect to the city of Baltimore. ALL proceeds from sales will go directly to us, BGCMB. They will be featuring no more than 10 designs at a time, so designs will be rotated. To submit a design, please visit To purchase a shirt, please visit

Please feel free to contact them at if you have any questions or visit for more information. We look forward to creating a better Baltimore through artist and designer collaboration!


BMORE Peace.

BMORE Respect.


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