Member Spotlight: Gabby Fields

In an effort to promote gender equity in biographies books, the National Youth Foundation hosted the first ever national student book competition on women.  Students from the across country wrote and submitted entries about women in a broad range of fields.  Book entries were received from 11 states, including as far away as Montana.  The judges, Erin Falligant of American Girl Doll, Daniel James Brown of the NYF bestselling book The Boys in the Boat and Rudine Sims Bishop, the 2017 winner of the ALA Coretta Scott King award stated that the contest was extremely competitive.  The winner, Gabrielle Fields, is a member of the Webster Kendrick Boys and Girls Club.  She wrote a book on her mother, a mail carrier for the United States postal system.  Gabrielle’s book was published by the National Youth Foundation and is being donated to school and public libraries.  Additionally, she won $500 and a trophy, which was presented to her at a Girls Rally in Philadelphia by Erin Falligant.  


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