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Sustaining Our Momentum

Creating the first-ever endowment to support Club operations

There is no short cut to changing lives. Boys & Girls Clubs work because we commit to the long term. From ages six to eighteen, we stand alongside our kids and their families through the journey of adolescence.

To sustain this work, we need donors who understand that the Club our members call home can never close its doors.

When you make a gift to our endowment, you ensure the Club is a constant for thousands of youth and their families.

Your gift has the power to:

Affect generational health and wellness, creating positive effects that start with our kids and ripple out to their family and community.

Nurture deep, trusting, lifetime relationships between our staff, our kids, and their families – the backbone of our effectiveness.

Anchor neighborhoods with a beacon of hope – their Boys & Girls Club.

What is an endowment fund?

An endowment fund is an investment in the long-term financial health of BGCMB. The principal of an endowment gift is invested for long-term growth to serve future Clubs and programs, while a portion of the fund’s balance is paid out annually to support current operations.

What is the advantage of an endowment fund?

Endowed gifts are important because they offer steady funding and predictability for our Clubs and programs and make us less dependent on unpredictable sources of revenue, such as government grants.

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