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Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Baltimore does not ask, endorse, or allow youth members to solicit donations to support our work. We do not solicit donations at sporting events, outside of stores/malls, or in other public venues in support of our programs. If you are approached and requested to donate by a youth or adult in a public place it is not sanctioned by our organization. We encourage those interested in supporting our work to do so on our website or by calling (410) 637-3838. Donations made to Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Baltimore are accompanied by a donation receipt.

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Become A Volunteer

Because together, we can give the youth of Baltimore a place to become

Volunteer Application Process

Step 1: Complete the volunteer interest form and background investigation consent form and return to BGCMB volunteer coordinator. To complete the volunteer interest form click here.

Step 2: Background investigation is cleared (can take up to 2 weeks).

Step 3: A volunteer coordinator at BGCMB will reach out to set up a brief (about 30 minutes) orientation at one of our Clubs. The potential volunteer will then have their first experience as a volunteer on a trial basis that day. 

Step 4: At this point, the volunteer is cleared and can schedule desired volunteering dates with BGCMB's volunteer coordinator.