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Keep it 100

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

The only way to really stop racism is to truly understand the meaning of the word and to be really willing to dialogue and be open minded about your contribution to this systemic mindset.

One of the characteristics of racism is derived from fear.

Fear is the unwillingness to face the unknown or unfamiliar.

Thus how can we squash racism if we are not willing to overcome our mindset of fear.

Segregation is the opposite of integration.

Separation is the opposite of unification.

If you start with the integration of schools starting with elementary.

Then you can start to see the process of racism change.

Racism is taught you are inherited or born with.

If the first time you see or personally interact with a individual from another race is adulthood or college or the workplace.

How can you understand how to understand or interact with.

This is how racism keeps flourishing.

The fear of the unknown 😱

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