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A different way

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

A new way a new day

Different sights different plights

How can you when you don't know

How can you don't care to know

How can you when one has it all wins, lose or draw

When one can't even if they drew straws

How can you when you make the laws even though they have flaws 

United you stand divided you surely will fall

Remember this most of all

There will be no peace

Unless we all have piece of which is our unalienable right. 

Justice, liberty and peace for us all

How can we even think of retrieving our forty acres and a mule

When we can't even get a equal and just rule

No more waying in the water

No more waiting to be slaughter

No more acting as if we are a bother

Remember we are someone's

Sister , brother, mother and father

Look through someone else's lens

Then you surely will see there must be a new day 

A different way 

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