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All Signs Pointed Back to Boys & Girls Club for Nakita Clark

Get to know Nakita Clark, manager of our Westport Homes and Westport Academy Clubs.

You joined the team at BGCMB a few months ago. What attracted you to this role?

“I was born and raised in Annapolis and spent time in the Boys & Girls Club growing up. I eventually gained employment at the Club I grew up in. Although I took a step away from the Boys & Girls Club Movement eventually, I came back. I felt I could make a real impact.”

You brought up that you were a Club kid. Can you speak about that experience?

“When I started attending Boys & Girls Club, I was five. I was a part of the Club until I was 18 when I was in the Keystone* program. The experience was amazing. I appreciate all of the mentors I had and the leadership opportunities. Just having a safe place to go after school and hang out with my friends was all I could ask for. Going to the Club allowed us to be a part of something. The culture was everlasting. I still have a relationship with the CEO that was there when I was a kid.”

Would you say that the Boys & Girls Club had a positive impact on your life?

“I would! It led me back to where I am today. It’s the impact that the Boys & Girls Club had on my life that motivated me to take on the same leadership role. Throughout my life, all the signs kept pointing back here.”

Was it a specific moment or person that caused you to realize that this is what you wanted to do for your career?

“Honestly, it was the culture. Boys & Girls Club does a great job at letting you know that you can just be yourself. You don’t have to adjust who you are for anyone.”

Being a former Club kid, and now a Club manager, if you could say anything to one of our Club members, what would you tell them?

“Follow your dreams. Follow your heart. The sky’s the limit.”

Wonderfully put. If you could summarize your life’s experience with Boys & Girls Club in one word, what word would you use?


*Keystone Clubs provide leadership development opportunities to teens with the guidance of an adult advisor in three focus areas: career preparation, community service, and academic success.

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