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BGCMB Member Graduates as 5th Grade Valedictorian

Updated: May 7, 2021

Ethan is 11 years old and just graduated Valedictorian from Callaway Elementary School. We are so proud of Ethan who has been with our Webster Kendrick Club since he was in third


Ethan’s mom, Shannon, signed him up because she wanted a safe place for Ethan after school. She said, “after the second day in the Club, I felt a level of safeness that was amazing.” She said that when Ethan started at the Club, Ethan was very shy. But she quickly started seeing a change in Ethan who became confident and was willing to speak his mind. She attributes Ethan coming out of his shell to the staff, especially Ms. Najah, Club Director, Ms. Kaitlin, STEM Program Director, and Mr. Jordan, YDP.

Ms. Kaitlin agrees that Ethan does speak his mind. She said, “Ethan is a joy to teach! He is not the most talkative member at the club but when he does talk, he speaks like someone much older and wiser. He loves to learn about anything, especially STEM. When in class he absorbs every piece of information and tries to understand everything inside and out.

Ethan will be attending a Baltimore Ingenuity school this fall. The Baltimore Ingenuity program is a comprehensive, advanced math and science instructional program for Baltimore City students in grades 6-12. Its mission is to prepare and launch the next diverse generation of nationally competitive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) leaders in Baltimore City Public Schools.

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