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Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore Invests in Pocomoke Club Activities

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Making A Difference At The Club: The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore came to Pocomoke High to present the check that will support the engaging activities BGCMB uses to help these young minds reach their fullest potential.

In spring 2022, Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Baltimore opened its eighth Club location inside Pocomoke High School to serve teens ages 13-18. The Club is the third on the lower Eastern Shore and the first in Worcester County.

Now, thanks to an early investment from the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore (CFES), the Club is poised for growth in the months ahead. The $10,000 gift will support the Club’s first fall semester of after-school programming and aligns perfectly with CFES’s vision to see the region’s diverse population ‘live and prosper together’.

“We made an early investment in the Boys & Girls Club [at Pocomoke High] because we believe in their mission and see the importance of the critical services they provide in our community,” said Heather Geraldes, Program Director of CFES. “By offering enrichment programs in our community, Boys & Girls Clubs provide foundational support for student success through high quality programs in a safe environment.”

Working Together: (Left to Right) Jenifer Rayne, Pocomoke High School Principal, Heather Mahler, CFES Program Director, D'Nasia Jones, Pocomoke High Youth Development Coordinator, Lori Becker, Pocomoke High Club Manager, and Jesse Schaefer, BGCMB Senior Director of Development and Communications, show that giving the best to our Club members is a team effort.

With this generous donation, the Boys & Girls Club at Pocomoke High School will be able to build on its scope of programming geared specifically to our teen members providing them with the necessary resources needed to start Great Futures.

“This investment from CFES will ensure critical elements are in place to recruit and retain teen members, beginning of course, with outstanding staff members like our Club Manager Lori Becker,” said Senior Regional Director of the Eastern Shore Anna Piccirilli. “As a coach, parent and community member, Lori brings a wealth of experience working with teens and deep knowledge of the Pocomoke community. We are so fortunate to have her leading the Club’s growth.”

Other elements supported by the grant include a balance of needs and interest-based programming, avenues for teen voice, and access to workforce readiness and future-focused resources. BGCMB thanks the generous funding committee of the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore for its lead investment to provide more teens in Pocomoke with safe, enriching after-school and summer activities.

Interested in learning more about the partners keeping BGCMB running and thriving? Find out more here about the great organizations and companies who see the potential and true worth in our mission and members.

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