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Dr. Lonnie Johnson Wows Maryland Club Kids During Virtual STEM Class

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

On Wednesday, April 21, famous inventor and engineer, Dr. Lonnie Johnson, joined Maryland Club kids for a wide-ranging conversation during their weekly STEM programming through the virtual platform Clubhouse @YourHouse administered by the Maryland Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs.

Dr. Johnson is a former Air Force and NASA engineer who holds over 100 patents on products and processes ranging from toys to advanced technology energy devices. His inventions include the #1 top selling water toy of all time: The Super Soaker.

Club members spent nearly an hour in a Q&A with Dr. Johnson. Topics included what a patent is and the process for obtaining patents; his journey as an inventor and what inspired his many inventions; as well as the future of space exploration. Dr. Johnson also detailed some of the projects he’s working on at present around climate change.

“Dr. Johnson was so generous with his time,” enthused Kaitlin Keefer, BGCMB’s Education & STEAM Manager. “The kids had so much fun and learned a ton! It was especially cool to have Dr. Johnson join after they’d chosen to profile him earlier this year for Black History Month.”

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