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RSM’s Support Today Prepares Club Kids For Their Successful Careers In The Future

Focusing On The Future: The Door welcomed RSM Volunteers to speak to our teen members from O'Donnell Heights about the right attributes needed to start their careers in the workforce or as entrepreneurs.

Every Boys & Girls Clubs member has a vision of where their dream career will take them upon graduation. Having an optimistic view of the future is great, but knowing how to make those dreams come true is a different matter altogether. Thanks to a one-year $12,500 grant through RSM, an international taxation and audit consulting company keenly focused on being a force for positive change in the world’, Club kids will have additional support on their journey to become workforce ready.

“RSM US Foundation’s mission is focused on enhancing educational outcomes through programs for individuals interested in career paths towards becoming an entrepreneur or middle market business leader and supporting organizations committed to providing a more stable environment for youth in the areas of hunger, housing or health, which will help them excel in education,” explained Talent Acquisition Associate, Roberta Foster. “Our national Culture Diversity Inclusion (CDI) vision is focused on building a diverse and inclusive workforce and workplace by building leadership capability and organizational capacity in order to drive an unrivaled inclusive culture.”

Outreach Across All Seasons: RSM Volunteers offered their creative skills to enhance the arts and crafts experience with our Club members to close out an awesome summer of programming.

Giving our members this bevy of professional experience via driven outreach is a highly appreciated resource to these young minds only years away from creating their own resume. BGCMB was one of seven Boys & Girls Club organizations to receive support for workforce readiness strategy programming in 2022-2023 as part of a growing partnership with BGCMB was one of seven Boys & Girls Club organizations to receive support through ls Clubs of America to create globally competitive graduates and 21st century leaders. In sessions with RSMs Generations Employee Network Group, Club kids have been able to directly hear from RSM’s professional team members all about the valuable areas of knowledge our young people need to gain before thinking about their dream job or first steps towards entrepreneurship.

“During our time with Boys & Girls Clubs members, we encouraged youth to think about a variety of job opportunities available to them (Accounting, Sales, Marketing, HR, Administrative, etc.). Our goal was to create a safe space, where youth felt comfortable sharing what excites them, as well as challenges/concerns. The hope is that having genuine, transparent discussions with people in the business community will help youth learn invaluable interpersonal skills they can leverage in all aspects of their lives, especially the workplace. We’re excited about future events tailored to developing a wide range of skills.”

The Road To Success...and Sweets: After imparting their professional insight to members from O'Donnell Heights, RSM volunteers brought the holiday spirit to this impactful session by decorating and cookies and building gingerbread houses.

The intergenerational dialogue was valuable for both our members and the RSM team.

“There were two big takeaways we gained from the event. The first was that career journeys are often not linear. During the event, each speaker talked about their personal experiences and obstacles they’ve faced and/or continue to. The other piece of guidance was the significance of surrounding yourself with mentors who encourage personal and professional growth.

Learning was in tall order on both sides of this vital dialogue between RSM’s seasoned professionals and our teen members who were eager for the next level guidance from experts leading their field.

“The team from RSM brought an unmatched and personalized focus to every interaction by meeting our members where they are to help them reach their goals,” says Lozita King, O’Donnell Heights Club Manager. “RSM brought a diverse set of ideas and insights to help them strive for greater heights and showed that someone believes when you’re deeply understood, you are empowered to move forward with confidence.”

RSM’s support comes in the form of a one-year Workforce readiness Strategy Grant awarded to Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Baltimore in September 2022.

Want to see what other companies are lighting the path for our Club members towards their Great Futures? Click here to complete our volunteer interest form to be a part of the great futures taking shape in Metropolitan Baltimore. Click here to find out how you can add to the impact shaping the lives of our youth all year long.

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