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Who Are You

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

It’s not until we UNDERSTAND who we are That we will change into WHAT we need to be. It’s not until we demand justice from those that thrive off of our injustices that we will then see the dead fruit no longer falling from the trees. It’s not until we stop crying and complaining and start reading and voting that just maybe our lives would be filled with less commotion The raw emotion Of not coming home to your loved ones at night because a person can’t see our dark skin as a LIGHT If you have not walked in our shoes please don’t try to pretend that you have See in your world 1+1 is 2 but in our world it’s like having the same simple equation but solving it with common core math. My people aren’t asking for equality or sympathy More like equity and integrity So my question is: who are you?

Because It’s not until you UNDERSTAND who you are That you will change into WHAT you need to be.


Jessica Boone ( Baltimore Native) joined the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Baltimore family as a YDP in February 2020. She enjoys encouraging members to do their very best and to stand  firm for what they believe in.

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