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  • Leo Rubinson

Baltimore Companies Volunteer to Prepare Clubs for Summer Camp

In the weeks leading up to summer camp, volunteer groups from Baltimore-based companies C-Power and Under Armour spent time preparing the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Baltimore’s (BGCMB) Webster Kendrick and Westport Clubs. Scrub-A-Club invites volunteers to create and preserve beautiful and healthy environments in our Clubhouses through interior and exterior cleaning and organizing and is one of many volunteer opportunities offered by BGCMB throughout the year for corporate groups looking to give back.

At BGCMB, we prioritize creating an environment where kids feel welcomed and supported. Keeping our Clubs clean, organized, and updated is essential to fostering this environment. During their Scrub-A-Club events, C-Power and Under Armour teammates helped us succeed with this goal, by putting together new furniture, organizing storage spaces, and deep cleaning Club facilities. Specifically, volunteers helped organize a gym closet and set up new desks and storage cabinets, among other important tasks.

Volunteer opportunities, like Scrub-A-Club, can be a great way to get involved in the local community and be a truly eye-opening experience. Liz R., an analyst with C-Power, said that she “interacts with customers every day, but doesn’t get to connect with the community.” Volunteering with BGCMB gives her that opportunity. During their first volunteer event in December, C-Power virtually led a STEM career day, where Members went around the Club to look for every source of electricity they could find. Liz said that the Club kids were engaged and the employees involved thoroughly enjoyed their experience. Liz hopes to continue and expand C-Power’s partnership with the Boys and Girls Clubs, by hosting future events to promote careers in STEM.

Under Armour has been an official corporate partner of BGCMB for many years, and their continued support has allowed us to empower young people to start their great futures. During Under Armour’s Scrub-A-Club event, Senior Executive Assistant to the Chief Consumer Officer and board member Julia V. spoke about the impact that the Boys & Girls Clubs have had on her. She has volunteered over 30 times at our Westport Club, developing close relationships with several Club kids including Mason, 11, with whom she has formed a strong bond over the years. Julia said that it is kids like Mason that keep her coming back, explaining how she enjoys being a mentor for the members. She emphasized the importance of consistency with volunteering, saying that “you do not know the impact that you can have on a kid in 20 mins,” so it is important to come back and continue to be a resource for Club members like Mason. Going forward, Julia hopes to continue to strengthen the partnership between Under Armour and the Boys and Girls Clubs.

We ask corporate groups that would like to volunteer to also contribute a tax-deductible donation to help cover the cost of supervision for the experience as well as contribute to the overall daily costs associated with operating a Clubhouse.

If you are interested in any of our impactful volunteer opportunities, please fill out our interest form. If your company is interested, email Jesse Schaefer at


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