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Boys & Girls Clubs Across Maryland Will Partner with Maryland State Police for Weekly Youth Programming

Updated: Apr 3

Boys & Girls Clubs and Maryland State Police will partner to deliver programming and mentoring to thousands of youth at more than 85 Club locations across the State.

In a joint training on March 11, CEOs and staff from Boys & Girls Clubs across Maryland teamed with Senior Leadership from Maryland State Police to formulate plans which include officers spending one hour each week engaging in programming at Clubs.

Programing will center on the following:

STEM Mentoring Program – Connects small groups of youth with caring mentors to engage in weekly, structured, hands-on, multimedia STEM activities.

Badges for Baseball – Life-skills training program that pairs at-risk youth with law enforcement mentors who use team sports to teach valuable life lessons.

Photovoice – Uses photography as a catalyst to improve relationships between adolescents and law enforcement.

In addition to weekly programming, Clubs and officers will also team up for quarterly special events including National Night Out, K-9 Club Days, and field trips to Maryland State Police barracks.

This partnership builds on Boys & Girls Clubs’ demonstrated effectiveness at forging positive relationships between youth and law enforcement.

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