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  • Steven Reynolds

For Ke’lye, Boys & Girls Club Offers a Culture of Kindness

Meet Ke'lye, a member at our Leonards Lane Club.

Ke’lye, you’re relatively new to Boys & Girls Club, what are your first impressions?

“Everyone seems nice. I’m learning a lot. It’s somewhere I want to be.”

What’s your favorite part of your day at the Club? “Free time with my friends. I’ve made a lot of friends since I’ve been here. I like going to the gym and playing basketball and football with them. I like all the activities we get to do.”

And how about some of your favorite activities?

“My favorite is the science experiments that we do.”

That’s cool! Would you say you are a science guy?

“You can say that.”

I heard that you were the Youth of the Month for October. How does that feel?

“It feels really good.”

Why do you feel like you were able to get the title of Youth of the Month?

“Because I always engage in every activity and show responsibility. Also, I helped a younger kid read.”

That was nice of you to help one of your friends read. What made you want to do that?

“He asked for help, so I helped him. I didn’t want to ignore him. I know that if I needed help with something, I would want someone to help me.”

Is the importance of being kind and helping those in need one of the things that Club staff focus on?

“Yes. That’s one of my favorite parts about the Club. Everyone is always helping each other out.”

How does being in a positive environment like that make you feel?

“It makes me feel really good. I’m comfortable here. It showed me that you can make a difference by just being kind.”

Do you feel like it’s important to be there for your friends while you’re at the Club?

“Yes, that’s how I’ve gotten to know people better. By just trying to help, and then we become friends.”

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