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Meet Brandon Clayton, Lead Youth Development Coordinator at our Webster Kendrick Club

Brandon Clayton may be relatively new to his role as Lead Youth Development Coordinator at our Webster Kendrick Club, but he is already an expert mentor for our young people whose passion for his work is infectious and undeniable.

Clayton, who graduated from a local Baltimore high school, is not far removed from the experiences of the Club members. “I’ve lived some of [the kids'] lives. I know that there is so much out there for them. I want to help the youth see that,” Clayton reflected. Clayton doesn’t feel he benefitted from a consistent mentor growing up, which may explain his commitment to becoming one for the youth in our Clubs. “I carry a passion everywhere I go and I try to seek and support young people as best I can,” Clayton explained.

Like all our youth-facing staff, Clayton is trained in our five key principles of positive youth development: safe and positive environment, fun, expectations and opportunities, recognition, and supportive relationships. Clayton believes these strategies have been effective at helping him build rapport with Club members, including Terry, 10, who confided: “Brandon’s guidance has helped me stay out of trouble. It has helped me become a better leader. I now understand why he was so honest with me.” This type of feedback is extremely important to Clayton and reaffirms his commitment to his work.

Clayton has several long-term goals as he continues his professional career. He is particularly passionate about starting a sports league here at BGCMB, so members from our Baltimore area Boys & Girls Clubs can compete against one another. He has already worked to organize several exhibition basketball and flag football games. Clayton asserts that a sports league teaches kids more than just how to play a given game, but also transferable life skills such as teamwork and respect. He also thinks youth would enjoy the league, which would support member recruitment and retention.

Reflecting upon his time so far with Boys & Girls Clubs, Clayton said, “At the end of the day, I love what I do. I love serving youth. I hope to continue serving as many young people as I can.”

We are fortunate to have passionate professionals like Brandon serve as caring mentors to guide members toward their great futures.

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