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Why Do You Love Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Baltimore?

A Tree Rooted In Love: The Webster Kendrick Club's Staff help to create a community built on togetherness all 365 days of the year.

Valentine’s Day, the holiday meant for boxes of chocolates and greeting cards drenched with the most heart-melting words many have waited all year to write, has finally arrived. Here at Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Baltimore, this special day has taken on a more impactful meaning as some of our Webster Kendrick Club members tell us exactly why they love coming to The Club.

On The Slopes: Elliott takes a second from snowboarding to take a group picture with some of the many friends he has at The Club.

‘Cool’. That’s one of the many words used by our Webster Kendrick Club members when they describe the many field trips they’ve taken over the course of the last few years. These priceless excursions leave lasting impressions on youth and help to further broaden their already expanding horizons on what’s possible in the world. Webster Kendrick Club Member Elliott is already seeing himself more on the slopes starting with those we skied during his Club’s trip to Liberty Resorts in January.

“It’s fun for me here at Boys & Girls Clubs especially because we get to go on field trips—like this past summer we went to The (Maryland) Zoo that was my favorite—and we just went skiing a few weeks ago and that was fun, too.”

Summertime Fun at The Yard with The Club: Gavin and his fellow Club members and one, very tall, baseball cap-wearing Bird. Can you see him?

Do you know who enjoys going out to Camden Yards to cheer on the Baltimore Orioles? Our baseball-loving Club Member Gavin--that’s who. He and the rest of his friends from Webster Kendrick Club took a special trip down to Oriole Park this past summer to watch his team play on the diamond and eventually had the chance to meet The Bird himself.

“My favorite field was when we went to the Orioles Game last summer. I had a really fun time sitting in the stands with my friends and watching the Orioles play. Mr. Brandon brought me Cookies n’ Cream Dippin’ Dots and we got to take a picture with The Oriole Bird.”

Handcrafting The Fashion World’s Next Big Trend Here in West Baltimore: Journee and Youth Development Coordinator Abina Rodgers sit down to go over the basics of stitchwork and needlepoint that all designers need to create the high-end purses that will soon turn heads in the future. (Music Credit: Daft Punk - 'Voyager')

Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Baltimore strives to offer our members opportunities within the Club where they can showcase their abilities. Webster Kendrick Club member Journee is currently learning the process of how to sew her original creations with the help of Youth Development Coordinator Abina Rodgers to make purses. Club Member Journee’s interest in designing fashionable textiles instantly transforms Webster Kendrick’s STEM Room into an emporium of soon-to-be prêt à porter haute couture in the making.

“I like going to the STEM Room because we can go there and make slime, grow flowerbeds and—right now—we're learning how to make purses with Miss Abina. She’s teaching me how to sew really good.”

A Man of Many Colors: Club Member Michael uses paints from the entire color wheel (and loves summertime ice cream parties at The Club, too).

Webster Kendrick Club Member Michael loves many things about coming to The Club. Going on fun field trips like the one he enjoyed at Sky Zone and playing football out on the Club’s front lawn with his friends are of the many things he’ll mention when asked. However, he enjoys working with colorful paint everyday afterschool is one of the many other activities he loves doing here at Boys & Girls Clubs.

“I love it here at Boys & Girls Clubs because my friends here are really nice and we get to do things like paint where I can make what I want and sometimes we have pizza parties on Fridays.”

Learning In The Key of Harmony: Club Member Maleeah freely tries out her new arrangement as she learns how the keys go up and down the musical scale. (Music Credit: Beethoven - 'Fur Elisa')

Musical chords, like focused minds, are always progressing. Webster Kendrick Club Member Maleeah is one of the best examples of how a positive environment allows youth to completely flourish by trying to learn to talents. In the Baltimore Ravens Room at The Club is where you can find Maleeah trying out her melodies at the keyboard stand (after doing a hand stand) while her peers play pool, video games or read one of the books present on the nearby shelf.

“I love Boys & Girls Clubs to the moon and back because the Staff gives me love—they're like my family. I like the people who are here. I get to try out new things like playing the keyboard when I want to so I can play better one day.”

Pushing Each Other Towards Greatness: Club Members Darian and Tyre continue to see how they positively motivate one another with each bounce of the ball on the court along with every lesson the game of basketball teaches them about friendship and life. (Music Credit: Kurtis Blow - 'Basketball')

Healthy competition between two very good friends fosters growth and support for each of them going forward. Webster Kendrick’s current Member of The Month, Darian, and Club Member of nearly seven years strong, Tyre, embody some of the best qualities of The Movement. Their easy-going and very encouraging friendship became stronger during their school year afternoons and summertime camp days at their Club here at Webster Kendrick.

“I love coming to Boys & Girls Clubs because they keep us safe and me, Darian and the rest of my friends can come here and play one-on-one and four-on-four basketball,” Tyre says about the opportunity to play before talking offensive strategies for the growing Webster Kendrick Club basketball team. “It’s teaching us how to work together—and not always scream for the ball—but to be able to move it around that way we can get the chemistry we need to win. So that way we can have someone like Darian under the hoop—get the ball to him—so he can post up and score. That’s teamwork.”

“We’ve known each other since we were little—back in Pre-K—and we’ve been friends since then and now it’s like a brotherhood between us,” Darian explains as his words fill The Club’s spacious multipurpose room. “If we ever fuss with each other, we apologize, get over it quickly and get back to having fun. It’s something that the staff here has really taught us to do even better.”

Being able to grow in a space where teamwork, creativity and inclusion are at the very center of programming is one of the many glowing testaments to all the Clubs across the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Baltimore region. As eloquently summed by Club Member Maleeah.

“I appreciate all (Club) Staff here at Boys & Girls Clubs. I pray they have a good life and I pray they’re going to make their dreams come true because I believe in them—to the moon and back.”

Want to show your loving appreciation for Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Baltimore on this special day like our members? Click here to stay up to date with all the news shaping The Movement happening here in Metropolitan Baltimore and here to find out how you can add to the direct impact shaping the lives of our youth all year long. Tell us why YOU love Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Baltimore below.

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