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Peak Performers Is Back: Vail Resorts and Katz Amsterdam Renews Support for Another Season of Winter

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Baltimore is Baaa-aaaccccccck--And Ready For The Snow.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Baltimore is proud (and super excited) to announce it will be gearing up for another exciting winter of skiing and snowboarding while learning all the ways of Pennsylvania’s Liberty Mountain Resort with the return of our Peak Performers program renewed by funding from Vail Resorts and the Katz Amsterdam Charitable Trust. This year, 50 members, 10 from each Baltimore-based Club ages 11-14, will be selected to participate, up from just 15 members in our inaugural year in 2021. Members will have the option of either skiing or snowboarding when it comes to the type of fun they want to have as they cruise down the hill. Thanks to our amazing partners who clearly understand the importance of opportunities like these for our members, we look forward to enjoying five (5) on-snow sessions, off-snow instruction, a family introduction day, tours of resort operations and multi-day passes for members and their families who want attend the resort outside their BGCMB Club session.

Having Fun While Getting Board: Here are two of our members showing

what they learned during their exclusive snowboard training session

with their Liberty Mountain Resort instructor.

Through the funding grant, Vail Resorts will provide each member with a lift ticket, ski school, equipment rentals and a meal to warm them up when their afternoon on the mountain wraps. Getting there is half of the adventure. Katz Amsterdam Charitable Trust will be providing us with transportation to and from the resort and the soft apparel such as gloves, ski pants and thermal underwear. Katz Amsterdam Charitable Trust also supports costs to administer and cultivate the program. We had such a fun time on the slopes last year that we are all too happy to see our members out there this upcoming session of skiing and snowboarding. This is going to be so cool—literally. Find out more about all the other wonderful opportunities the Epic for Everyone Youth Access Program is giving nearly 9,000 youth all over the country course time on 29 mountains.

Want to see what other great opportunities our Club members are enjoying? Click here to keep up with all the BGCMB news and updates. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, too.

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