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BGCMB Pilots New Esports Program

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

BGCMB is one of several Boys & Girls Club organizations across the country piloting an esports program to use digital technology in a communal, interactive way to support the development of adolescents. Young people will have the chance to play console games at the Club—like Madden, NBA2K and Fifa—as well as web-based games through our virtual platform Clubhouse @YourHouse—like Minecraft and AmongUs. “Offering esports is definitely going to help us keep our older kids coming to the Club. Video games are a big attraction,” said Marcus Robin who is the Director of Club Experience.

To supplement game play, this program will introduce members to future pathways related to video games, including esports college scholarships and careers in software development. “We want our kids to connect what they’re doing today with how to plan for their future,” explained Kaitlin Keefer who manages Education and STEAM programming.

The esports program launches this spring with an NBA 2K tournament surrounding the March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournament.

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