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Firaxis Producer Connects Club Kids to Careers in Video Games

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Members of our esports club got a surprise visit from a video game producer during this week’s Clubhouse @YourHouse session. Michael Kotey, associate producer for Firaxis Games, gave members a sense of his day-to-day work developing video games before joining members for a game of Roblox. “Hearing from professionals like Michael really helps encourage active participation in our Club activities,” explained Kaitlin Keefer, who leads the esports club that meets twice a week through BGCMB’s virtual platform.

Michael’s journey into the gaming industry began when he graduated the University of Baltimore with a bachelor's degree in technology and professional studies in simulation and digital entertainment. Now at Firaxis for seven years, Michael began as a quality assurance tester and then lead tester before assuming his current role. “Kids are the future,” Michael explained, “and I wanted to show them that pursuing a career in making games is something that can be decided at any point during their education.”

Before joining our esports session, Michael got to know Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Baltimore alongside fellow Firaxis employees at several volunteer days in 2019. “Michael is my #1 volunteer and has been at every event we have done as an organization,” confirmed Shawn Kohn, Firaxis’ human resources director who leads the company’s community engagement efforts.

If you have a job in video games and would like to talk with our members about your career path, please contact us at

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